Worry Dolls (2015) Trailer

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Worry Dolls (2015) - Trailer

Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M46S
Cast: Brea Grant, Graham Skipper, Donna Duplantier, Tina Lifford, Kennedy Brice, Yohance Myles, Matty Ferraro, Daniel James, Ashlynn Ross, Samantha Smith, Danny Kolker, Alan Altschuler, Mara Hernandez, Kim Baptiste, Christopher Wiehl
Director(s): Padraig Reynolds

Padraig Reynolds" Worry Dolls (2015) has a new trailer attached to the movie. Reynolds recently brought us Rites of Spring (2011). I don"t know about you, but I think this trailer is fantastic. Brea Grant, Brandon Johnson, Ashlynn Ross, Samantha Smith, Kennedy Brice, Naomi Kyle, Yohance Myles, Christopher Wiehl, and Kym Jackson star in Worry Dolls.

Synopsis: In the aftermath of the hunt for a serial killer, an ancient curse consumes a city, causing a series of brutal murders and pits a detective against the clock to save his daughter’s life.

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Worry Dolls (2015) - Trailer

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