976Evil II (1991) Trailer


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976-Evil II (1991) - Trailer

Year: 1991
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M20S
Cast: George 'Buck' Flower, Rod McCary, Ace Mask, Patrick O'Bryan, Monique Gabrielle, Mindy Seeger, Brigitte Nielsen, Yavone Evans, Eric Anjou, Deborah Dutch, Angela Gordon, Christopher Garr, Philip McKeon, David Rogge, Lou Bonacki
Director(s): Jim Wynorski

I have a soft spot for the trailers from the 90"s and there strong narrative. Jim Wynorski"s 976-Evil II (1991) movie trailer looks fantastic and has all the right scares. The 976-Evil movies, including Robert Englund"s 976-EVIL (1988), have always been a guilty pleasure of mine that I watch again every few years. This trailer is a good movie trailer for a not so good film. Debbie James, Rene Assa, and Patrick O"Bryan star in 976-Evil II.


A seemingly harmless telephone service endows an evil teacher with powers from beyond the grave
976-Evil II (1991) - Trailer

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