The Chosen (2015) Trailer


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The Chosen (2015) - Trailer

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M38S
Cast: Chris Gann, Barbara Goodson, Wiley B. Oscar, Stefanie Estes, Casey James Knight, Brent Alan Henry, Johnny Alexander, Harv Popick, Lexi Midmay, Penelope Richards, Lexi Flores, Elizabeth Keener, Kian Lawley, Angelica Chitwood, Dayna Devon
Director(s): Ben Jehoshua

Ben Jehoshua"s The Chosen (2015) has a great horror movie trailer. There is suspense, action, and lots of creepy scares. I am boiling over anxious waiting to see this film on Netflix Instant this week. This teenager played by YouTuber Kian Lawley has to save this little girl who has become "possessed/attached to" by the demon Lilith (The Child Stealer) and the evil entity will not leave until he sacrifices six members of the bloodline before the sixth day is done. Kian Lawley, Elizabeth Keener, and Angelica Chitwood star in The Chosen. This film had better not disappoint because this movie trailer is great!


When a child-stealing demon attaches itself to a little girl, her family is thrust into a battle against time in order to save the girl and send the demon back to hell.
The Chosen (2015) - Trailer

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