All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) Trailer


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All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) - Trailer

AKA: All Hallows' Eve 2
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M16S
Cast: Julian Richings, Bill Oberst Jr., Helen Rogers, Jonathan Nation, Adrian G. Griffiths, Emily Alatalo, Jake Goodman, Christie Lynn Smith, Renee Intlekofer, Tyler Rossell, Anthony Backman, Andrea Monier, Drew Davis, April Adamson, Patrick Logothetti
Director(s): Jesse Baget, James Kondelik, Jon Kondelik, Elias Benavidez, Andrés Borghi, Jay Holben, Mike Kochansky, Bryan Norton, Antonio Padovan, Ryan Patch, Marc Roussel

RLJ Entertainment"s All Hallows" Eve 2 (2015) releases on DVD and Digital Video this upcoming February 2, 2016. This new Halloween horror anthology features the works of eleven directors with a cast including Landon Ackerman, April Adamson, and Ali Adatia. Full details in the press release below.

From the Press Release:

RLJ Entertainment brings you the new sequel to the Halloween-themed horror movie ALL HALLOWS" EVE 2. Directed by Bryan Norton (Seven Hells), Antonio Padovan (Once Upon a Time, Inc.), Marc Roussel (The Last Halloween), Ryan Patch (If I Give My Soul), Jay Holben (Hunger), The Kondelik Brothers (Airplane VS Volcano), Elias Benavidez (A Boy"s Life), Mike Kochansky (Mr. Tricker"s Treat), and Andres Borghi (Alexia), the film stars Andrea Monier (The Black Water Vampire) and Damien Monier (Grim). ALL HALLOWS" EVE 2 is available on Digital Video and on DVD for an SRP of $27.97 on Feb. 2, 2016.

Alone on Halloween, a young woman finds a mysterious VHS tape on her doorstep--a tape that shows a series of gruesome and ghastly tales that appear to be all too real. But these terrifying glimpses of damned souls are not the only horrors that stalk her. A sinister, pumpkin-faced killer is using the videotape as a portal into our reality; and if he makes it through, this twisted trickster seeks only one "treat": Blood.


Source: official Facebook page


A woman finds a VHS tape on her doorstep that shows a series of gruesome tales that could be real. But the true danger is the pumpkin-faced killer that's using the tape to find his next victim.
All Hallows' Eve 2 (2015) - Trailer

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