The Possession Experiment (2016) Trailer



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The Possession Experiment (2016) - Trailer

Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M34S
Cast: Bill Moseley, Greg Travis, Chris Miller, David O. Ang, Dulaney Grubbs, Terry Jernigan, Bedelia Burris-McGrath, Eddie Ledford, Hilary Drew, Kelsey Ruble, Jake Brinn, Ron Dressel, Alina Carson, Teddy Harris, Jason Michael Tuthill
Director(s): Scott B. Hansen

Scott B. Hansen"s The Possession Experiment (2016) movie trailer is here. The trailer starts off looking like a low budget film then scenes from the film show in the background changing that perspective, making this into a film you have to see. I really dig this trailer, and if the full movie features this same direction, this film looks like something I will enjoy very much. Bill Moseley, Greg Travis, Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, and Angelo Reyes star in The Possession Experiment.


When a student takes on a theology project, he taps into another side that had been hidden away from him.
The Possession Experiment (2016) - Trailer

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