The Possession Experiment (2016) Trailer

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The Possession Experiment 2016 - Trailer

The Possession Experiment 2016  Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M34S
Cast: Bill Moseley, Greg Travis, Chris Miller, David O. Ang, Kelsey Ruble, Jake Brinn, Ron Dressel, Alina Carson, Teddy Harris, Jason Michael Tuthill, Jared Dessuit, Lee Harmon, Ricky D'Alonzo, Bridger Hodsden, Angelica Doughtery, Colin Tuthill, Todd Grubbs, Sheri Gill Dixon, Pamela Myers, Maryfrances Jerez, Cassie Higgs, Robert Joshua James, Angelo Reyes, Mike Zeigler, Aubry Dawson, Barry Wessells, Lisa Wu, Mark Joy, Nicky Jasper, Joel Nathan King
Director(s): Scott B. Hansen

Scott B. Hansen"s The Possession Experiment (2016) movie trailer is here. The trailer starts off looking like a low budget film then scenes from the film show in the background changing that perspective, making this into a film you have to see. I really dig this trailer, and if the full movie features this same direction, this film looks like something I will enjoy very much. Bill Moseley, Greg Travis, Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper, and Angelo Reyes star in The Possession Experiment.

Directed by: Scott B. Hansen
Release date: December 6, 2016 (VOD)(DVD)(US)

Brandon has always been drawn to the supernatural. When he is asked to pick a topic to study and base a final project around on for his world theology class, Brandon decides to explore the dark world of exorcisms. Teamed up with a classmate, the two are lead to investigate a multiple homicide / suicide that eventually is discovered to have been an exorcism gone horribly wrong. Brandon quickly becomes obsessed with the event, and in a strange turn of events, decides the only way to research this topic is to undergo it himself. He creates a GoFundMe campaign, and despite a huge public outcry, raises a large amount of money so that he can be monitored medically after he conjures and invites an actual demon to possess him. Brandon quickly realizes that though he was incredibly intrigued by it, he has certainly taken on more than he can handle.

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Brandon Jensen has always loved horror. So when he has the chance to study exorcisms, he decides he is going to go all out. He starts a fund raising online campaign that goes viral overnight. With the help of two people he meets along his way, Brandon shows the whole world The Possession Experiment.

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