Horsehead (2014) Trailer

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Horsehead 2014 - Trailer

Horsehead 2014  Trailer
Year: 2014
Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M7S
Cast: Joe Sheridan, Catriona MacColl, Vernon Dobtcheff, Philippe Nahon, Shane Woodward, Paul Bandey, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Murray Head, Gala Besson, Fu'ad Aït Aattou, Emmanuel Bonami, Nathan Willcocks, André Kobtzeff, AndrĂ© Kobtzeff
Director(s): Romain Basset

Romain Basset"s Horsehead (2014) trailer springboards into the horror fantasy that this movie resides. This video condenses some of the main characters nightmares, and they are captivating nightmares. I think most of you would want to see this film after watching this trailer. Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Catriona MacColl, and Murray Head star in Horsehead.

Directed by : Romain Basset
Produced by : Horsehead Pictures
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 25 min
French release: 11/03/2015
Production year: 2013

Since childhood, Jessica has been plagued by recurring nightmares in which she is chased by a mysterious creature called "Horsehead.' In the hope of finding some peace, Jessica has started studying the psychophysiology of dreams.
After her maternal grandmother dies, Jessica is obliged to return to the family home. When she arrives, she discovers that her defunct grandmother be laid out in the room next door to hers during the wake.
Her first night home, Jessica is once again assailed by the nightmare and suddenly falls ill. Confined to bed with a high fever, she decides to use her lethargic state to experiment with lucid dreaming, and to thereby try to take control of her nightmares - a dangerous practice from which some people never quite recover.
Jessica then starts evoloving in her own dream world. She undertakes an investigation in order to at last discover the evil that has been eating away at her and her family for generations. She must also confront, one last time, the evil Horsehead.

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Since her childhood, Jessica has been haunted by recurrent nightmares whose meaning escapes her. This peculiarity has led her to study the psychophysiology of dreams and to follow a therapy with Sean, her mentor and boyfriend, to try and understand the origin of her nightmares. Following the death of her maternal grandmother she hardly knew, Jessica reluctantly returns to the family home. She doesn't get along with her mother very well and is not looking forward to seeing her again. Upon her arrival, Jessica discovers that her late grandmother is lying in the adjoining room to her own during the wake. After a rough first night made restless by a strange nightmare in which she meets her dead grandmother, Jessica suddenly becomes ill. Stuck in bed with a high fever, the young woman decides to use her lethargic state to try out lucid dreaming. In order to do so, and on Sean's advice, Jessica breathes a little bit of ether whenever she needs to sink deeper into the other world to try and take control of her nightmares. Jessica then begins to wander in a nightmarish world inhabited by twisted versions of her family members. She gradually improves her skills as a lucid dreamer and investigates to solve the mystery that gnaws her and haunts the family home...