Alien (1979) Trailer


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Alien (1979) - Trailer

Year: 1979
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M10S
Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Ian Holm, John Hurt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, Tom Skerritt, Yaphet Kotto, Eddie Powell, Bolaji Badejo, Helen Horton
Director(s): Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott"s Alien (1979) took horror fans into outer space and resulting from great scenes, and we loved it. I know many of you may not remember this movie trailer or perhaps, never even saw it so enjoy. Tell us what you think of this trailer below. Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, and John Hurt star in Alien.


After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as distress call, their landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious life-form, and soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.
Alien (1979) - Trailer

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