Here Alone (2016) Teaser Trailer

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Here Alone (2016) - Teaser Trailer

Here Alone (2016) - Teaser Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Sci-Fi
Type: Teasers
Duration: 1M31S
Cast: Adam David Thompson, Shane West, Holly Adams, Abel McSurely Bradshaw, Jonathan Gundel, Mary Guzzy, Aubrey Hart, Willow Keith, Mike Lavarnway, Sophia Nickerson, Gina Piersanti, Jeffrey Rinick, Danielle Smith, Rebecca Spiro, Lucy Walters, Ryken A. Whitfield
Director(s): Rod Blackhurst

Here is the teaser trailer for Rod Blackhurst"s Here Alone (2016) post-apocalyptic film which also won the Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival (2016) . This movie stars Lucy Walters, Gina Piersanti, Adam David Thompson, and Shane West.

After a terrible virus ravages human civilization, Ann finds herself living alone in a forest, foraging for supplies, and accompanied only by a radio that broadcasts a single transmission in French. Few animals even remain; the only survivors seem to be the roving hordes of infected creatures with a taste for human flesh. One fateful day, Ann crosses paths with two more survivors, Chris and Olivia. But after surviving on her own for so long, she struggles to relate to them and and their desire to settle down and start a new community. As Ann tells Chris, "Those who stay, die."

2016 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award Winner

Cast - Lucy Walters, Gina Piersanti, Adam David Thompson and Shane West

Directed by Rod Blackhurst
Written by David Ebeltoft
Produced by Noah Lang, David Ebeltoft and Rod Blackhurst via Rod Blackhurst


In the deep, rude and fearful wilderness, Ann, a solitary woman, is foraging for food relying on her limited survival skills. At the same time, in the wake of an apocalyptic global catastrophe, an appalling and virulent epidemic has already decimated most of the population, severely infecting its remaining carriers with symptoms including delirium and unpredictable behaviour coupled with aggressive outbursts. Inevitably, now that Ann's husband and baby daughter have ultimately succumbed to the invisible and inescapable plague, her days are filled with memories of a not-so-distant life defined by order and security, forcing occasionally the wary woman to hazard raids to nearby farmhouses for supplies. During one of those desperate runs, Ann will discover teenage Olivia and her wounded stepfather Chris who intend to head north, nevertheless, the quiet but ominous stillness is always blemished by the certitude that danger is everywhere, in the shape of ravenous, half-human flesh-eating predators. Under those circumstances, who shall live and who shall die?