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Saw II 2005 - Trailer

Saw II 2005  Trailer
Year: 2005
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M28S
Cast: Leigh Whannell, Dina Meyer, Shawnee Smith, Kelly Jones, Ho Chow, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, James Gallanders, Tony Nappo, Lyriq Bent, Conrad Coates, John Fallon, Tim Burd, Robin Ward, Glenn Plummer, Wil Burd, Timothy Burd, Sam Malkin, Erik Knudsen, Franky G, Beverley Mitchell, Vincent Rother, Gretchen Helbig, Kofi Payton, Linette Doherty, Noam Jenkins
Director(s): Darren Lynn Bousman

Director Darren Lynn Bousman took a stab at this second installment in the Saw franchise, Saw II (2005) aka Saw 2 (2005). This trailer starts with a quick recap of Saw (2004) before throwing you into the new storyline. About halfway through this trailer, there is so much panic and frenzy happening that you are left excited to rewatch the film. Donnie Wahlberg, Beverley Mitchell, and Franky G star in Saw II.

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Saw II (2005) Official Trailer #1 - Horror Movie

With a dead body lying between them, two men wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer who's been nicknamed "Jigsaw". The men must follow various rules and objectives if they wish to survive and win the deadly game set for them. via Movieclips Classic Trailers


Detective Matthews and the Swat-team goes on a mission to arrest Jigsaw who strikes again, but even that is only a part of Jigsaws detailed plan. Matthews soon get to know that eight people are trapped in an old house and are playing Jigsaw's game. One of them is his own son.

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