Inoperable (2016) Trailer


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Inoperable (2016) - Trailer

Year: 2016
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M22S
Cast: Danielle Harris, Jeff Denton, Dawn Hubsher, Khris Colgate, Chris Hahn, Katie Keene, Isabella Sofia Menna, Cooper Chapman, Gene Michael, Cher Hubsher, Michelle Marin, Jared Gopman, Brittni Amber Lombardo, Philip Schene, Barry Aslinger
Director(s): Christopher Lawrence Chapman

Director and co-writer Christopher Lawrence Chapman"s Inoperable (2016) now has a trailer attached to the film. Zorya Films plans to release the new film soon. Inoperable seems like it will be a psychological horror nightmare. Danielle Harris, Jeff Denton, Katie Keene, and Chris Hahn star in Inoperable.


A young woman wakes up in a seemingly evacuated hospital with a hurricane approaching that has awakened malevolent forces inside. She realizes she must escape the hospital before the hurricane passes, or she will be trapped there forever.
Inoperable (2016) - Trailer

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