Goddess of Love (2015) Trailer


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Goddess of Love (2015) - Trailer

Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M37S
Cast: Leonel Claude, Will Leon, Elizabeth Sandy, Alexis Kendra, Michael Silva, Dale Brandenburg, Megan Scott, Deana Ricks, Matt Shapira, Janet Peters, Mike Valley, Terrance Wentz, Katrina Elizabeth, Candice Camille, Kendall Foote
Director(s): Jon Knautz

Jon Knautz"s now has a trailer for Goddess of Love (2015). This film is a psychological thriller where jealousy plays the key factor. Alexis Kendra, Woody Naismith, and Elizabeth Sandy stars in Goddess of Love.

From the Press Release:

It was announced today that Terror Films has acquired North American rights to the erotic, psychological thriller GODDESS OF LOVE, from director Jon Knautz. Terror Films is planning a wide ancillary release, for the film, across all major digital, EST and VOD platforms in the fall. As part of their recently announced partnership, Raven Banner Releasing will be handling the Canadian distribution, while Automatic Entertainment is overseeing distribution for the rest of the world.

In the film, Venus (Alexis Kendra), a lonely, eccentric woman, meets Brian (Woody Naismith), the man of her dreams. A sexually fueled, passionate relationship begins. But, as time progresses, that wonderful honeymoon-phase changes into something hellish. Brian breaks things off when his old fling, Christine (Elizabeth Sandy) comes back into his life. Completely destroyed, Venus begins a downward spiral into madness as she acts out her twisted fantasies of love and revenge.

GODDESS OF LOVE was an official selection at Film4 FrightFest, in London and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. The film centrally stars Alexis Kendra. Kendra also co-wrote and produced the film with director Jon Knautz, Woody Naismith and Elizabeth Sandy.


A mentally unstable woman begins a volatile descent into madness when she suspects her lover has left her for another woman.
Goddess of Love (2015) - Trailer

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