Let's Be Evil (2016) Trailer

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Let's Be Evil (2016) - Trailer

Let's Be Evil (2016) - Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M46S
Cast: Jamie Bernadette, Paul Casar, Helene Wilson, Elizabeth Morris, Helene Maksoud, Jordan Perez, Bronte Page, Shirley Clemmet, Tiffany Kemp, Xavier Gomez, Omaliye Onwufuju, Isabella Cervantes, Abbie Peat, Morgan Dodero, Edward Hart, Kieran Dodding, Daisy Foster, Kara Tointon, Francesca Nicholls, Jemima Winter, Elliot James Langridge, Anamaria Tafur, Wes Ritter, Isabelle Allen, Abigail Martin, Adam Iraki, Brooke Johnston, Brooke Lynn Rodriguez, Martin Owen, Amber Penman
Director(s): Martin Owen

IFC Midnight dropped the movie trailer for Martin Owen"s Let"s Be Evil (2016). The movie trailer focuses on introducing the audience to the augmented reality aspect of this film which is slow. Not a very good trailer in my opinion. Kara Tointon, Elliot James Langridge, and Isabelle Allen star in Let"s Be Evil.

Opening in theaters and VOD August 5th

Directed by: Martin Owen
Starring: Kara Tointon, Elliot James Langridge, Isabelle Allen, & Jamie Bernadette

Step into a virtual reality nightmare. Desperately in need of money to care for a sick parent, Jenny (Elizabeth Morris) takes a job supervising children at a learning center for gifted students. But when she and two other new employees are ushered into a maximum-security underground bunker where eerily robotic children are outfitted with augmented reality glasses, Jenny finds herself thrust into a disturbing technological experiment in which she is an unwitting player in a terrifying virtual game. This future shock brain-bender is a creepy kids thriller for our tech-addicted culture.

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Three chaperones are hired to supervise an advanced learning program for gifted children, who wear Augmented Reality Glasses to assist in their education. Contained within a secure, underground facility, events quickly spiral out of control.