Incarnate (2016) Trailer


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Incarnate (2016) - Trailer

Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M11S
Cast: Mark Steger, Tomas Arana, Aaron Eckhart, Carlease Burke, Keir O'Donnell, Catalina Sandino Moreno, David Mazouz, Matt Nable, Mark Henry, Paul Vincent O'Connor, Natalija Nogulich, Emjay Anthony, Kira Legg, Ashley Green Elizabeth, Breanne Hill
Director(s): Brad Peyton

Brad Peyton"s Incarnate (2016) is the latest horror film to come from Blumhouse. This movie will inject some new life into how we see possession and exorcism films. An archdemon possesses an eleven-year-old boy who destroys each exorcist who walks in to help. Aaron Eckhart plays a man who battles demons by going into the minds of the victims. This movie trailer looks great with a lot of new elements and ideas coming together in ways never before done. I am just hoping everything meshes together nicely. Carice van Houten, Mark Steger, and Aaron Eckhart star in Incarnate.


A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before, while facing the horrors of his past.
Incarnate (2016) - Trailer

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