Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) Trailer / Posters

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Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) - Trailer / Posters

Year: 2016
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M41S
Cast: Shale Le Page, Adam Singer, Nicole Goeke, Raquel Pennington, Mia Klosterman, Cooper Hoag, Andy Haman, Juan Gonzalez, Kelsey Briding, Cooper Elliott, Ben Johnson, Ruselis Aumeen Perry
Director(s): Milko Davis, Thomas Martwick

The latest zombie film trailer is for Milko Davis and Thomas Martwick"s Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016). This film trailer is unique and will most likely leave you a little confused. A zombie T-Rex rampaging should be awesome, and it looks good at times but still leaves a bunch of mixed feelings in the end. Ben Johnson, Andy Haman, Mia Klosterman, Ruselis Perry, Shale le Page, Nicole Goeke, Adam Singer, Raquel Pennington, Cooper Hoag, Juan Gonzalez, and Kelsey Briding star in Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead.



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A cracked scientist aligns with the Axis of Evil to bring down the US of A with EMP blasts, toxic zombification...
Z/Rex: The Jurassic Dead (2016) - Trailer / Posters

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