Residue (2016) Trailer

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Residue 2016 - Trailer

Residue 2016  Trailer
Year: 2017
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M10S
Cast: Dalias Blake, Matt Frewer, Dan Payne, William B. Davis, Elysia Rotaru, Jason Burkart, Thomas Potter, Costas Mandylor, Blaine Anderson, Taylor Hickson, James Clayton, Alika Autran, Paul Vigano, Will Williams, Nikolai Witschl, James Hutson, Christopher Laurence, Linda Darlow, Jaclyn Later, John Gillich, Adam Lolacher, Caroline Rose Thompson, Olivier Lunardi, Julianne Alexander, Rusty Nixon, Matthew Graham, Kevina Lazari, Julianne Arrieta, Scotty Mac, Niall Cassin
Director(s): Rusty Nixon

XLrator dropped the movie trailer for Rusty Nixon"s Residue (2016) which is described as a neo-noir horror creature feature film. This movie looks in the least, interesting enough to warrant the attention I am giving it here. Keep an eye in this film and we will update you once we hear anything further. James Clayton, Taylor Hickson, and Matt Frewer star Residue.

Residue Trailer - 2016 Demonic Horror Movie
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About the Residue Movie Trailer
A private investigator reads a book of sinister origins and unknowingly pits his daughter and himself in a fight for their lives...and their eternal souls. via New Trailer Buzz


Private investigator Luke Harding (James Clayton) reads a book of sinister origins owned by seedy crime lord Mr. Fairweather (Matt Frewer). Unbeknownst to Luke, the book is a much sought after supernatural artifact and Fairweather's greatest rival, the enigmatic Mr. Lamont (William B. Davis), begins pursuit of Luke with his trustiest henchmen Boston (Michael Matic) & Jacob (Costas Mandylor). While the criminal underworld is desperate to retrieve the book and harness its power for their own dark agendas, it's evil begins to take root in Luke's apartment; pitting himself, his daughter (Taylor Hickson) and his secret love Monica (Elysia Rotaru) in a fight for their lives... and their eternal souls.

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