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Savageland 2015

Savageland 2015
Year: 2015
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M48S
Cast: David Saucedo, Len Wein, Jason Stewart, Edward L. Green, Monica Davis, Patrick Pedraza, George Lionel Savage, VaLynn Rain
Director(s): Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert, David Whelan

From Terror Films and co-directors Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert, and David Whelan comes Savageland (2015). Set up like a true crime story, this film looks interesting based on this movie trailer. Monica Davis, Edward L. Green, and Patrick Pedraza star in Savageland.

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STARRING: Monica Davis, Edward L. Green, Patrick Pedraza, VaLynn Rain, Lawrence Ross, David Saucedo, Len Wein

WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Phil Guidry, Simon Herbert, and David Whelan

SYNOPSIS: When a small town near the Arizona-Mexico border is wiped out overnight, suspicion falls on the lone survivor. But a roll of photos the survivor took that night tells a different story.


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