The Terror Within (1989) Trailer

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The Terror Within 1989 - Trailer

The Terror Within 1989  Trailer
Year: 1989
Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M40S
Cast: John Lafayette, Starr Andreeff, George Kennedy, Terri Treas, Jack Valan, Tommy Hinkley, Andrew Stevens, Yvonne Saa, Joseph Hardin, Al Guarino, Joal Corso, Butch Stevens, Jack van Landingham
Director(s): Thierry Notz

Thierry Notz"s The Terror Within (1989) is about a post-apocalyptic world where gargoyle-looking creatures roam the landscape looking to reproduce with female humans. Andrew Stevens, Starr Andreeff, and George Kennedy star in The Terror Within.

One of the many "Alien/Aliens" clones that (chest) burst forth in the wake of the sci-fi blockbuster's runaway success. This Roger Corman produced movie sees an outpost under attack by "Gargoyles" an alien-creature who reproduces by impregnating human women. via DEATHTRAP TRAILERS


It's the post-apocalypse, and the world has been changed by "the accident", a chemical warfare experiment gone awry. At an isolated subterranean complex, a group of people survived because they were able to get the antidote for the illness. They rescue a surface survivor from the gargoyles, who unfortunately had time to impregnate her, and when the "baby" is born and escapes into the ventilation ducts, they begin experiencing an attrition problem.

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