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In a Lonely Place (2016) - Trailer

In a Lonely Place (2016) - Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M39S
Cast: Lucrezia Frenquellucci, Luigi Busignani
Director(s): Davide Montecchi

Director Davide Montecchi brought us his latest horror film In a Lonely Place (2016). This movie trailer looks creepy and different, but I feel it may not have enough to keep me interested for the full film. Luigi Busignani and Lucrezia Frenquellucci star In a Lonely Place.

IN A LONELY PLACE Trailer (Horror, 2016)
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A Movie directed by Davide Montecchi
Cast : Luigi Busignani and Lucrezia Frenquellucci
Official Selection TOHorror Film Fest (2016)
Genre : Horror

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"In a lonely place" is about love, about passion, about obsession. Thomas believes that only the knowledge of our identity can defeat death and give immortality to those who own it. This is the great gift of love that he has planned for Teresa, the girl he has always secretly loved. Everything is ready in the big abandoned hotel. He is waiting for her, smiling, illuminated by the light of the sunset. But for Teresa the knowledge and discovery of her identity will be frightening, distressing, painful.