Parasites (2016) Trailer

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Parasites (2016) - Trailer

Parasites (2016) - Trailer
Year: 2016
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M13S
Cast: Joseph Pilato, Robert Miano, Burt Culver, Tim Halpin, Robert Rhine, Carson Nicely, Elli Rahn, Jeffrey Decker, Sean Samuels, Shaun T. Benjamin, Peter Mendoza, Paul Louis Harrell, Scott Vogel, Abraham Martinez, Sebastian Fernandez, Art Roberts, Kurt Bonzell, David Z. Stamp, Casey Powell, Rich Young Lee, Eddie Kehler, Chad Ferrin, Francisco Ovalle, Rich Lee, Suzanne Sumner Ferry, Silvia Spross, Wolfie Trausch
Director(s): Chad Ferrin

Chad Ferrin"s Parasites (2016) trailer shows us the plot of the film where three friends get lost in Skid Row falling victim to angry homeless people. This trailer has good action scenes reminding me a little of The Warriors (1979). Robert Miano, Joseph Pilato, and Tim Halpin star in Parasites.

Parasites Trailer - 2017 Horror Movie starring Robert Miano, Carson Nicely and Joseph Pilato
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About Parasites:
Three friends find themselves lost on Skid Row and are captured by an angry homeless gang. via New Trailer Buzz


Three college students get lost in the seedy streets where they encounter a crazed gang of homeless derelicts that seizes them and one-by-one, horrifically kills all but one man. The surviving man escapes on foot, naked and unarmed, with a pack of depraved transients in pursuit, and only seconds away from capture.