Diary of the Dead (2007) Trailer

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Diary of the Dead 2007 - Trailer

Diary of the Dead 2007  Trailer
Year: 2007
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M44S
Cast: Tom Savini, Shawn Roberts, Simon Pegg, Greg Nicotero, Stephen King, Wes Craven, Daniel Kash, George A. Romero, Boyd Banks, Quentin Tarantino, Matt Birman, Todd Schroeder, George Buza, James Binkley, Tatiana Maslany, Guillermo del Toro, Alan Van Sprang, Anthony Cancelliere, Amy Lalonde, R.D. Reid, Joshua Close, Laura de Carteret, Martin Roach, Megan Park, Tino Monte, Donna Croce, Alexandria DeFabiis, Scott Wentworth, Nick Alachiotis, Michelle Morgan
Director(s): George A. Romero

Trailer: Diary of the Dead (2007)

A group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.

The master of horror returns to the style of filmmaking he pioneered and the genre he invented. In his first independent zombie film in over two decades, George A. Romero takes us back to ground zero in the history of the living dead.

A group of film students struggling to get home amidst the chaos and terror of a zombie outbreak create a first-person video "diary" detailing their horrific encounters with the undead.

Nearly 40 years after he re-invented the horror genre with "Night of the Living Dead," George A. Romero returns to the style of filmmaking he pioneered to bring us his latest masterpiece. In his first independent zombie film in over two decades, Romero takes us back to ground zero in the history of the living dead.

Set in present day, "Diary of the Dead" returns us to the beginning of the living dead outbreak, telling the story of a group of college students who document their deadly encounters with the ravenous flesh-eaters just as the world is first plunged into chaos. Jason Creed and his friends, a small crew of college filmmakers, are working on a horror film when they learn the terrifying news that the dead are returning to life.

Frightened and disbelieving, the young filmmakers abandon school and set off for the safety and security of their homes, only to learn they have no homes to return to and no way to avoid the horror. Everything they depend upon, all that they hold dear is shattered as the living dead rise to take over the world.

Meanwhile, Jason relentlessly documents the real-life horrors in a tense, cinéma vérité style that heightens the terror of each encounter and the disturbing sensation that these are real events happening to real people. Even as his friends start to die ... even as flesh is ripped from their bodies by ravenous walking corpses, he keeps filming -- an obsessive, unflinching eye amidst the chaos.

In a world where the rules of society are crumbling, the government promises to quell the crisis but is unprepared to help. Technology fails. Communication with the re via Voltage Pictures


While filming a horror movie of mummy in a forest, the students and their professor of the University of Pittsburgh hear on the TV the news that the dead are awaking and walking. Ridley and Francine decide to leave the group, while Jason heads to the dormitory of his girlfriend Debra Monahan. She does not succeed in contacting her family and they travel in Mary's van to the house of Debra's parents in Scranton, Pennsylvania. While driving her van, Mary sees a car accident and runs over a highway patrolman and three other zombies trying to escape from them. Later the religious Mary is depressed, questioning whether the victims where really dead, and tries to commit suicide, shooting herself with a pistol. Her friends take her to a hospital where they realize that the dead are indeed awaking and walking and they need to fight to survive while traveling to Debra's parents house.

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