Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Trailer

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Hellbound Hellraiser II 1988 - Trailer

Hellbound Hellraiser II 1988  Trailer
Year: 1988
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M45S
Cast: Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Bradley Lavelle, Michael Cassidy, Kenneth Cranham, Simon Bamford, Angus MacInnes, Nicholas Vince, Clare Higgins, Oliver Smith, Robert Hines, Ron Travis, William Hope, Andrew Robinson, Oliver Parker, Grace Kirby, Edwin Craig, Catherine Chevalier, Sean Chapman, Anthony Allen, Imogen Boorman, Barbie Wilde, Deborah Joel, James Tillitt, Kevin Cole
Director(s): Tony Randel

Trailer: Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

Kirsty is brought to an institution after the death of her family, where the occult-obsessive head resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites once again.

Original theatrical trailer for the 1988 film "Hellbound: Hellraiser II." Starring Ashley Laurence, Imogen Boorman, Clare Higgins, Kenneth Cranham, & Doug Bradley. Directed by Tony Randel. via Forever Cinematic Trailers


Doctor Channard is sent a new patient, a girl warning of the terrible creatures that have destroyed her family, Cenobites who offer the most intense sensations of pleasure and pain. But Channard has been searching for the doorway to Hell for years, and Kirsty must follow him to save her father and witness the power struggles among the newly damned.