Sleepwalkers (1992) Trailer

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Sleepwalkers 1992 - Trailer

Sleepwalkers 1992  Trailer
Year: 1992
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M47S
Cast: Ron Perlman, Stephen King, Michael Reid MacKay, John Landis, Rusty Schwimmer, Cynthia Garris, Stuart Charno, Frank Novak, Glenn Shadix, Alice Krige, Dan Martin, Mädchen Amick, Lyman Ward, Jim Haynie, M├Ądchen Amick, Mark Hamill, Bojesse Christopher, Joe Dante, Norman Fessler, Brian Krause, Tobe Hooper, Diane Delano, Clive Barker, Joey Aresco, Ernie Lively, Hayden Victor, Charles Croughwell, Richard Penn, Karyn Sercelj, Sparks
Director(s): Mick Garris

Trailer: Sleepwalkers (1992)

A mother-and-son team of strange supernatural creatures move to a small town to seek out a young virgin to feed on.

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Charles Brady and his mother Mary move to a small Indiana town, having recently fled Bodega Bay, California after draining and killed a young girl there. They are sleepwalkers - they can change their appearance and they need the lifeforce from young women. Charles has picked out young Tanya Robertson, whom he meets at a local high school, as his next victim. He asks her out for a date and invites her home... however, she did not suspect his real interest in her. On their first date, a picnic at a nearby cemetery, Charles attempts to drain the lifeforce from Tanya for himself and his mother.