Warlock (1989) Trailer

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Warlock 1989 - Trailer

Warlock 1989  Trailer
Year: 1989
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M46S
Cast: Julian Sands, Ian Abercrombie, Richard E. Grant, Kenneth Danziger, Mary Woronov, Kevin O'Brien, Frank Renzulli, Nancy Fox, Harry Johnson, Lori Singer, Juli Burkhart, Rob Paulsen, Peter Sherayko, Richard Kuss, Gyl Roland, Allan Miller, Meta King, Anna Levine, Bill Dunnam, David Carpenter, Wendy Feiner, Kay E. Kuter, Art Smith, Robert Breeze, Brandon Call
Director(s): Steve Miner

Trailer: Warlock (1989)

A warlock flees from the 17th to the 20th century, with a witch-hunter in hot pursuit.

The trailer for the movie Warlock . http://www.90lostminutes.com/2010/03/warlock.html via bmoviereviews


In Boston of 1691, a warlock is sentenced to death, but escapes magically into the future (our present), followed doggedly by the witch hunter. There he is searching for the three parts of the Devil's Bible, trailed by the witch hunter and the woman whose house he landed in. They must stop him, as the book contains the true name of God, which he can use to un-create the world.