Ted Bundy (2002) Trailer

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Ted Bundy 2002 - Trailer

Ted Bundy 2002  Trailer
Year: 2002
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Biography
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M54S
Cast: Tom Savini, Tracey Walter, Michael Reilly Burke, Bobby C. King, Tiffany Shepis, Jason Collins, Deborah Offner, Eric DaRe, Carol Mansell, Jim Kundig, Sharon McWilliams, David Schroeder, Alexa Jago, Boti Bliss, Julianna McCarthy, Deanna Dylan Scott, Annalee Autumn, Tricia Dickson, J. Marvin Campbell, Wayne Morse, Meadow Sisto, Gary H. Walton, Steve Whelan, Phoebe Dollar, Danielle Parris, Melissa Schmidt, Zarah Little, Alexa Nikolas, Jesse James Rutherford, Alison West
Director(s): Matthew Bright

Trailer: Ted Bundy (2002)

The story of serial killer Ted Bundy.

Both handsome and charismatic, Ted Bundy, the most notorious serial sex killer in America, was virtually undetectable and changed the mass murderer profile forever.

MPAA Rating: R for violence involving a sexual predator/serial killer, sexuality/nudity and language

Cast: Michael Reilly Burke, Boti Bliss and Julianna McCarthy via Millennium Entertainment


Docu-drama based on the life of Ted Bundy, a serial killer who killed at least 19 young women during the 1970's (though some sources say as many as 30 to 35 were murdered). Set from his college student years, to his first victims, his capture, escape from prison (twice), his final killing spree to his trial, conviction and execution.