Twins of Evil (1971) Trailer

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Twins of Evil 1971 - Trailer

Twins of Evil 1971  Trailer
Year: 1971
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M25S
Cast: Harry Fielder, Peter Cushing, Fred Wood, Jason James, Roy Boyd, Alex Scott, Bill Sawyer, David Warbeck, Roy Stewart, Mickey Varey, Luan Peters, Kenneth Gilbert, Vivienne Chandler, Derek Glynne-Percy, Jackie Leapman, Cathy Howard, Sebastian Graham Jones, George Claydon, Inigo Jackson, Janet Lynn, Shelagh Wilcocks, Annette Roberts, Madeleine Collinson, Peter Stephens, Mary Collinson, Katya Wyeth, Kathleen Byron, Rupert Style, Garth Watkins, Maggie Wright
Director(s): John Hough

Trailer: Twins of Evil (1971)

A religious sect led by Gustav Weil hunts all women suspected of witchcraft, killing a number of innocent victims. Young Katy, Gustav"s niece, will involve herself in a devilish cult, and become an instrument of Justice in the region.

Trailer for Hammer Studios' masterpiece Twins of Evil (1971) with Peter Cushing. via RareCultCinema


In nineteenth century middle-Europe, orphaned teenage twins Maria and Frieda go to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, who heads the Brotherhood, a vigilante group trying to stamp out vampirism. But their methods are random and misplaced and the only result is a terrorised populace. The real threat lies with Count Karnstein, and although the twins seem outwardly to be identical, Frieda finds herself much more drawn than her sister to the Count's castle dominating the skyline.

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