I Drink Your Blood (1970) Trailer

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I Drink Your Blood 1970 - Trailer

I Drink Your Blood 1970  Trailer
Year: 1970
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M42S
Cast: Lynn Lowry, Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Jadin Wong, Rhonda Fultz, George Patterson, Riley Mills, John Damon, Elizabeth Marner-Brooks, Richard Bowler, Tyde Kierney, Iris Brooks, Alex Mann, Bruno Damon, Mike Gentry, David E. Durston, Arlene Farber
Director(s): David E. Durston

Trailer: I Drink Your Blood (1970)

A group of hippies wreak havoc on a small town and a young boy, whose grandfather and sister were attacked by them, decides to get even, with deadly results.

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A band of satanist hippies roll into a town and begin terrorizing the local folk. They rape a local girl and her grandpa goes after them. He fails and is given LSD. This bothers his grandson and he gets back at the hippies by feeding them meat pies infected with blood from a rabid dog. They turn into crazed lunatics and begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path.

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