The Phoenix Incident (2015) Trailer

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The Phoenix Incident 2015 - Trailer

The Phoenix Incident 2015  Trailer
Year: 2015
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Documentary
Type: Trailers
Duration: 6M1S
Cast: Michael Adamthwaite, Deborah Geffner, Paul Thomas Arnold, Mark McClain Wilson, James C. Burns, Yuri Lowenthal, Brian Bloom, Brandon White, Jamie Tisdale, Matthew Mercer, Travis Willingham, William Goldman, Mike Watkiss, Elise Muller, Arif S. Kinchen, Tony Prince, Valerie Arem, Mary Beth McDade, Dan Willoughby, Paul Vinson, Scot Ruggles, Jeff Boatman, John McCain, Erika Elyse, Tamara Henry, Ryan Keating, James Patrick Stewart, Ron Ross, Fife Symington, Mason Shea Joyce
Director(s): Keith Arem

Trailer: The Phoenix Incident(2015)

Blurring the line between fiction and reality, the fact-based, sci-fi thriller revolves around a military conspiracy and the controversial missing persons case surrounding the infamous Phoenix Lights.

Investigation into the March 1997 Phoenix Lights disappearance of 4 Arizona men exposes a coverup of the largest UFO sighting in North America. #phoenixincident
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Thursday March 13th, 1997 marks the date of the Phoenix Lights, the largest mass UFO sighting in US History. The night of the incident, four Phoenix residents vanished in the Estrella Mountain National Park, south of Phoenix. Glenn Lauder (28), Mitch Adams (29), Ryan Stone (27), and Jacob Reynolds (28) were reported missing to the Maricopa County Sheriff's office. The infamous "Lauder Case" has become the longest unresolved missing person's case in Arizona history.