From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter (1999) Trailer

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From Dusk Till Dawn 3 The Hangmans Daughter 1999 - Trailer

From Dusk Till Dawn 3 The Hangmans Daughter 1999  Trailer
Year: 1999
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Western
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M26S
Cast: Danny Trejo, Michael Parks, Kevin Smith, Rebecca Gayheart, Richard Thomson, Temuera Morrison, Danny Keogh, Lennie Loftin, P.J. Pesce, Orlando Jones, Peter Butler, Tom Berto, Ivan D. Lucas, Graham Weir, Lynne Anne Rodgers, Carlos Vilela, Lance Kadish, Pierre Neethling, Louis Kiss, Josephine Liederman, Marco Leonardi, Ara Celi, Melissa Gilbert, Skye Blue, Sonia Braga, Marguerite Steven, Jordana Spiro, Leigh-Anne Belport, Terence Bridgett, Mimmika
Director(s): P.J. Pesce

Trailer: From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman"s Daughter (1999)

Set 100 years ago in Mexico, this horror/western is the story of the birth of the vampire princess Santanico Pandemonium.

From Dusk till Dawn 3 - Starring Marco Leonardi, Michael Parks, Rebecca Gayheart, and Ara Celi

Release date: 2000 via SupernaturalEarth


"Prequel" to the first From Dusk Till Dawn is set in Mexico in the early 1900's which begins with the escape of Johnny Madrid, a dangerous local outlaw, from the gallows who then kidnaps his hangman's beautiful daughter, Esmeralda, with a little help from Reece, a female outlaw from the U.S. With the hangman and a local posse on their trail, Johnny meets with his gang who all rob a stagecoach which contains American author Ambrose Bierce along with newlywed couple John and Mary Newlie. As night falls, all parties coincidentally seek shelter in an isolated inn/whorehouse which is run by vampires led by the high priestess Quixtla who targets Esmeralda. Esmeralda is revealed to be the half-human, half-vampire princess Santanico Pandemonium, whom the vampires want as their heir in which all the humans must join forces if they are to survive the night from the vicious blood-suckers.

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