The Machine Girl (2008) Trailer

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The Machine Girl (2008) - Trailer

The Machine Girl (2008) - Trailer
Year: 2008
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M35S
Cast: Tarô Suwa, Mike Pollock, Nahana, Tarô Suwa, Hiroko Yashiki, Dan Green, Demo Tanaka, Kensuke Sonomura, Ryôji Okamoto, Tsutomu Uchigasaki, Seiya Uchimasu, Kentarô Shimazu, Brina Palencia, Takehito Terui, Ryôji Sugimoto, Jason Griffith, Takuya Kato, Ryôsuke Kawamura, Minase Yashiro, Erica Schroeder, Toshihiro Hamamatsu, Yûya Ishikawa, Asami, David Wills, Takumi Itô, Takumi Itô, Kentarô Shimazu, Dara Seitzman, Yuta Yamada, Honoka
Director(s): Noboru Iguchi

Trailer: The Machine Girl (2008)

Maimed while seeking revenge, a girl becomes stronger than ever.

The Machine Girl trailer

And yes, it's real: via bnoise siska


Ami is a typical college girl. She's bright, friendly, popular and athletic, with nothing to set her apart from other girls her age other than the fact that she is an orphan, left to care for her younger brother after her father committed suicide after being falsely accused of murder. But while there is tragedy in their past, the siblings' future looks good, except for one thing. Ami's brother has racked up a considerable debt to another boy at school, and that boy just happens to be the heir to a clan of vicious ninja-yakuza. Ami's brother can't pay, violence breaks out and in the course of trying to avenge her brother, Ami is captured by the clan. They torture her and hack her arm right off. Ami escapes, barely alive, and is taken in by the owners of a machine shop who build her a customized, bullet-spewing arm. From that point, the quest for revenge is on in earnest.