Demons 2 (1986) Trailer

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Demons 2 1986 - Trailer

Demons 2 1986  Trailer
Year: 1986
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M55S
Cast: Asia Argento, Michele Mirabella, Bobby Rhodes, Eliana Miglio, Lino Salemme, Lamberto Bava, Victor Beard, Lorenzo Gioielli, Yvonne Fraschetti, Maria Chiara Sasso, Bruno Bilotta, Dario Casalini, Furio Bilotta, Andrea Garinei, Giovanna Pini, Luca De Nardo, Stefano Molinari, Pasquele Valente, Angela Frondaroli, Kim Rhone, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Caroline Christina Lund, Annalie Harrison, David Edwin Knight, Karen Gennaro, Nancy Brilli, Marina Loi, Virginia Bryant, Silvia Rosa, Anita Bartolucci
Director(s): Lamberto Bava

Trailer: Demons 2 (1986)

A group of tenants and visitors are trapped in a 10-story high-rise apartment building infested with demons who proceed to hunt the dwindling humans down.

Trailer for Demons 2 via Thos Feratu


A documentary is shown on TV of group of teens who investigate the legendary forbidden zone, in which a Demon infestation once took place (see Demoni I). When finding a lifeless corpse of a demon, one of the teens causes the resurrection of it, and the demon makes it's way into the nearby world by TV-broadcast... An unlucky girl, having her birthday-party at that time, gets possessed by the demon while watching the documentary and soon the entire building in which she lives turns into a living nightmare....

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