The Devil's Carnival (2012) Trailer

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The Devils Carnival 2012 - Trailer

The Devils Carnival 2012  Trailer
Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Musical
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M55S
Cast: Bill Moseley, J. LaRose, Marc Senter, Alexa PenaVega, Beach Eastwood, Benjamin Michael Marsh, Jessica Lowndes, Shawn Crahan, Sean Patrick Flanery, Dayton Callie, Paul Sorvino, Mighty Mike Murga, Terrance Zdunich, Maddisyn Carter, Jackie Zane, Courtney Ortega, Kevin 'ohGr' Ogilvie, Nivek Ogre, Shem Andre Byron, Emilie Autumn, Elvis Dino Esquivel, Briana Evigan, Kelly Renee Miller, Hannah Wagner, Ivan L. Moody, Maggie Rose Lally, The Blessed Contessa Montebello, Tillman Norsworthy, Zach Kasik, Laura Meadows
Director(s): Darren Lynn Bousman

Trailer: The Devil"s Carnival (2012)

Lost souls enter The Devil"s Carnival where they are each faced with the sins they committed in life.
Director Darren Lynn Bousman and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich invite you to join them on an exclusive nationwide road tour featuring burlesque, special personality meet and greets, Q&A forums, sing-alongs, costume contests, and a whole lot of devilish behavior. Audiences will get to enjoy never-before-seen REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA behind-the-scenes footage and bonus features, and, most notably, an exclusive viewing of their new musical film, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL.

After a triumphant collaboration on 2008's cult hit REPO! The Genetic Opera, Bousman and Zdunich had no where to go but down. ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HELL! Come experience their new musical endeavor, THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL.

THE DEVIL'S CARNIVAL features twelve original songs, written by Zdunich and Saar Hendelman, directed by Bousman, produced by Sean E Demott and Joseph Bishara (Insidious), and stars Victoriandustrial rocker Emilie Autumn, Dayton Callie (Sons Of Anarchy, Deadwood), M. Shawn "Clown" Crahan (of the Grammy award winning, cult metal giants Slipknot), Briana Evigan (Step Up 2), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints), Maggie "Captain Maggots" Lally and The Blessed Contessa (of The Bloody Crumpets), J LaRose (Insidious), Jessica Lowndes (90210), Mighty Mike Murga (of Mini Kiss), internet star Hannah Minx, Ivan Moody (of the chart-topping heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch), Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects), Ogre (of the legendary industrial band Skinny Puppy), Marc Senter (The Lost), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), and Zdunich, himself, as Lucifer.

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Three individuals have, somehow, found their way to a carnival, set in hell, and run by the devil. The trio is made up of a kleptomaniac, an obsessed father, and a gullible teenager, all of whom are doomed to repeat the very sins that delivered them to the carnival's doorsteps.