Amityville: It's About Time (1992) Trailer

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Amityville Its About Time 1992 - Trailer

Amityville Its About Time 1992  Trailer
Year: 1992
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M20S
Cast: Dick Miller, Willie C. Carpenter, Stephen Macht, Jonathan Penner, Shawn Weatherly, Damon Martin, Megan Ward, Nita Talbot, Dean Cochran, Terrie Snell, Kevin Bourland, Margarita Franco, William Jackson, Alan Berman, Dylan Milo
Director(s): Tony Randel

Trailer: Amityville: It"s About Time (1992)

Jacob Sterling brings home a mysterious clock from the infamous Amityville house, not knowing that it"s haunted by demonic spirits.

A widowed father Jake Sterling returns home from a business meeting in Amityville. He brings home a gift for his two teenage kids: an eerie looking old mantle clock. What he doesn't know, is the clock has an evil past, being created by a 15th century French necromancer. The clock is tied to the evil past of Amityville.

Soon after placing it on the fireplace mantle, he is attacked by the local neighborhood dog, leaving his ex-girlfriend Andrea to take care of him. As Jake's son and a neighbor get closer to finding out the legend of the clock, all hell breaks loose as hedges are set on fire, the dog is murdered, time begins to skip hours and slow down, Jake's daughter becomes seductive, and many people around them begin to die. Now, no one is safe from the terror as the clock begins to become the house itself.

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When an old clock arrives at home as a gift, strange things begin to happen. The family that proudly assigned a privileged place to the clock in the living room, is unaware that this thing is a link to an old and evil house...

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