Amityville: Dollhouse (1996) Trailer

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Amityville Dollhouse 1996 - Trailer

Amityville Dollhouse 1996  Trailer
Year: 1996
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M13S
Cast: Robin Thomas Grossman, Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, Allen Cutler, Rachel Duncan, Jarrett Lennon, Clayton Murray, Franc Ross, Lenore Kasdorf, Lisa Robin Kelly
Director(s): Steve White

Trailer: Amityville: Dollhouse (1996)

A children"s doll house, which is a miniature of the infamous haunted Long Island house, is given to a young girl where the demonic evil soon comes out to cause more terror.

1996 - Amityville: Dollhouse.

A young girl and her parents become the latest victims of the Amityville curse when they are terrorized by the evil spirits living within her dollhouse in this chilling supernatural thriller. via 666Horror666Freak666


A dollhouse that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house is given to a little girl. Soon after, all sorts of horrible unexplained accidents start to happen. The family must work together to fight off the terrifying evil that has inhabited their lives.

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