Blood Rage (1987) Trailer

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Blood Rage 1987 - Trailer

Blood Rage 1987  Trailer
Year: 1987
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 3M1S
Cast: Ted Raimi, Brad Leland, Rebecca Thorp, Bill Cakmis, Louise Lasser, Keith Hall, Matthew Carlisle, Ross Hall, Mark Soper, Lauren Myers, Julie Gordon, Amanda Ball, Jayne Bentzen, Kevin Williams, Marianne Kanter, Dylan Riggs, James Farrell, Russell Hall, Chad Montgomery, Lisa Randall, William Fuller, Douglas Weiser, Gerry Lou, Ed French, Dana Drescher
Director(s): John Grissmer

Trailer: Blood Rage (1987)

As kids, Todd is institutionalized for a murder whilst his twin goes free. 10 years later, on Thanksgiving, Todd escapes and a killing spree begins in his neighborhood.

Feature Trailer for the 1980's Slasher Classic Blood Rage. via Liquid Creative Group


Twins Todd and Terry seem like sweet boys that is, until one of them takes an axe to face of a fellow patron at the local drive-in. Todd is blamed for the bloody crime and institutionalized, whilst twin brother Terry goes free. Ten years later and, as the family gathers around the table for a Thanksgiving meal, the news comes in that Todd has escaped. But has the real killer in fact been in their midst all along? One thing's for sure, there will be blood and rage!