The Brotherhood (2001) Trailer

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The Brotherhood 2001 - Trailer

The Brotherhood 2001  Trailer
Year: 2001
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M47S
Cast: Sam Page, Josh Hammond, Forrest Cochran, Bradley Stryker, Brandon Beemer, Elizabeth Bruderman, Jaimarie Bjorge, Michael Lutz, Randi Curtis, Rebekah Ryan, Colleen Gallagher, Vincent Grousso, Gregory James, Brandon Loeser, Micheal Messick, Donnie Eichar, James North, Christopher Cullen, Alysa Ratliff, Vanessa Schafer, Brian Bianchini, Johnny Sawchuk, Chloe Cross, Matt Ebin, Lauren Bailey, Mario Adractas, Karl Anderson
Director(s): David DeCoteau

Trailer: The Brotherhood (2001)

The fraternity "Doma (House of) Tau Omega" has found a key to eternal youth without having to become blood-drinking vampires. Will they be able to recruit Chris, an innocent and perfect newcomer?

Trailer & feature edited by J.R. Bookwalter for the 2000 horror film THE BROTHERHOOD, directed by David DeCoteau. Clients: Rapid Heart Pictures & Regent Entertainment via J.R. Bookwalter


In high school, Christopher 'Chris' Chandler was almost too good to be true: his gorgeous, perfectly trained body earned him a place in the Allstate swim-team and his scholarship for the small US college Drake, yet he never fell for pride or the temptation of parties and groupies, remaining modest and considerate. As a freshman, he takes his nerdy roomy Dan under his wing and even grants his request to go to a frat party (just the sort of elitist arrogance Chris loathes), where they got invited by Megan, a hip girl student Dan wouldn't dare to dream about. Alas the invitation was really arranged by Devon Eisley, the president of the somewhat Gothic fraternity "Doma (House of) Tau Omega", who has found a key to eternal youth without having to become blood-drinking vampires and tricks Chris at the party into drinking each-others blood, after which he starts changing for the worse...