The Last Horror Film (1982) Trailer

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The Last Horror Film 1982 - Trailer

The Last Horror Film 1982  Trailer
Year: 1982
Genres: Horror, Comedy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M40S
Cast: Kris Kristofferson, Caroline Munro, Karen Black, John Hamilton, Isabelle Adjani, Holly De Jong, Chip Hamilton, Glenn Jacobson, Robin Leach, Jane Rawlins, George Valismis, Judd Hamilton, John Austin, Peter D'Arcy, David Winters, Sean Casey, Filomena Spagnuolo, Devin Goldenberg, David Jones, Don Talley, Joanne Hicks, Melissa Carr, Judy Duckett, Joe Spinell, Mai Britt Finseth, William Whittington, Tami Hamilton, Valerie, John Claude, Marty Heckleman
Director(s): David Winters

Trailer: The Last Horror Film (1982)

A New York taxi driver stalks a beautiful actress attending the Cannes Film Festival, which coincides with a series of violent killings of the lady"s friends.

The Tromasterpiece Collection continues with the grossly underrated slasher gem -- The Last Horror Film. The infamous Joe Spinell, best known for his iconic role in Maniac, delivers his "career defining performance" (Bill Gibon, DVD Talk) as an depraved, obsessed fanatic. Vinny Durand (Spinell) trails beautiful actress Jana Bates (fellow Maniac-alum Caroline Munro), to the Cannes Film Festival determined to have her star in his first film. As Durand's disturbing fascination grows, a mysterious killer begins slaughtering all people in Jana's entourage. Is the obsessed fanatic and the psychotic killer one in the same? Will this be Jenna's Last Horror Film? This stellar treatment of this forgotten classic, with engaging Spinell-memorializing supplemental material, is a must-own for any horror film enthusiast!!

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Vinny is obsessed with famous actress Jana Bates and is determined to have her star in his movie. He travels to the Cannes Film Festival in France to try and convince her. Unfortunately, he goes about things in a rather unprofessional manner and people invloved with Jana Bates begin to disappear.