Childish Games (2012) Trailer

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Childish Games 2012 - Trailer

Childish Games 2012  Trailer
Year: 2012
Genres: Horror, Thriller
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M44S
Cast: Juan Diego Botto, Raúl Páez, Àgata Roca, Bárbara Lennie, Josep Espígol, Adrián Bermúdez, Mágica Pérez, Casimir Sancho, Pedro Muiño, Marc Rodríguez, María Luisa Sales, Monti Castiñeiras, Àgata Roca, María Jesús Rueda, Xènia Abadal, Nora Navas, Rosa M. Guillamet, Raúl Páez, Cristina Azofra, Ramón Román, Josep Espígol, Adrián Bermúdez, Pere Caminals, María Luisa Sales, Pedro Muiño, Pilar Romano, María Jesús Rueda, Monti Castiñeiras, Yolanda Edo, Ramón Román
Director(s): Antonio Chavarrías, Antonio Chavarrías

Trailer: Childish Games (2012)

The teachers Daniel and Laura work at the same school and live together. Laura wants to have a baby...

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Dictado Trailer - Childish Games - Antonio Chavarrias Movie (2012) HD via Movieclips Indie


The teachers Daniel and Laura work at the same school and live together. Laura wants to have a baby, but her gynecologist has just informed that she cannot have children. One day, a weird man named Mario meets Daniel at school and asks him to visit his daughter Julia to help him but Daniel tells that she should go to the doctor to seek for help. A couple of days later, Mario commits suicide and Daniel sees on the front page of a newspaper. Laura tells to Daniel that they should go to the funeral and Daniel accepts her suggestion. When Laura sees Julia, she requests to be the temporary guardianship until a member of the family claims for her. Daniel is affected by the presence of Julia and calls her Clara. Soon a dark and creepy secret of Daniel and Mario's past haunt Daniel, affecting his relationship with Laura.