Satanic (2006) Trailer

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Satanic 2006 - Trailer

Satanic 2006  Trailer
Year: 2006
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M2S
Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Angus Scrimm, Diane Ayala Goldner, Rick Dean, Matteo Indelicato, James Russo, Eliza Swenson, Annie Sorell, Michael Gaglio, Clara Houser, Debbie Martinez, Alicia LorĂ©n, Brett Erickson, Brian Burnett, Alicia Lorén, Lauren Emmel, George Tovar, Priscilla Jones, Andrea Kennedy
Director(s): Dan Golden

Trailer: Satanic (2006)

After surviving a car wreck, a young girl wakes with no memory and must figure out why people around her are mysteriously dying. via Media Graveyard


After a car crash, the teenager Michelle has the face completely destroyed and amnesia. In the hospital, she is called Bride of Mummy due to the mask she needs to wear along her therapy. However, her doctor makes a perfect facial reconstruction using family pictures and Michelle is discharged from the hospital and sent to a home that lodges young offenders since she was considered a troublemaker before the car crash. The police release her possessions of the day of the accident - a journal and an Ouija board - and Michelle moves with the host Bisson to his house. On the same day she leaves the hospital, the janitor is murdered. Michelle shares a room with the outcast delinquent Dalia and she has dreadful nightmares during the night and is confused. She befriends Larry, who shares another room in the house with Dutch, and tries to help her. When Dalia is found dead in the room with cuts in the wrists, the evidences are of suicide; however Detective Joyner suspects that Michelle is the responsible for the murders.