Psycho Cop Returns (1993) Trailer

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Psycho Cop Returns 1993 - Trailer

Psycho Cop Returns 1993  Trailer
Year: 1993
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M37S
Cast: John Paxton, Julie Strain, Robert R. Shafer, Justin Carroll, Maureen Flaherty, Miles Dougal, Michael Karp, Brittany Ashland, Sara Lee Froton, Melanie Good, Barbara Niven, Rod Sweitzer, Nick Vallelonga, Dave Bean, Priscilla Huckleberry, Carol Cummings, Al Schuermann, David Andriole, Adam Rifkin, Alisa Wilson
Director(s): Adam Rifkin

Trailer: Psycho Cop Returns (1993)

Psychopath cop decides to kill everyone who he thinks has broken the law.

Psycho Cop 2 Trailer 1994
Director: Rif Coogan
Starring: Julie Strain, Nick Vallelonga, Bobby Ray Shafer, Barbara Lee Alexander, ,

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Gory sequel in which a bachelor party turns into a bloodbath at the hands of the public servant from hell.

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A group of office workers decide to have a party in the office building. Among other things, they want to have some drugs there. Their conversation on the subject is overheard by Joe Vickers, which is rather unfortunate for them, since Joe Vickers is a policeman. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Vickers is also an undead psychotic satanist, and instead of arresting them, he will make sure that nobody leaves the party alive...