13 Seconds (2003) Trailer

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13 Seconds 2003 - Trailer

13 Seconds 2003  Trailer
Year: 2003
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M11S
Cast: Emily Howard, April Cole, Danny Petrelli, Kevin Kuras, Robert Yensch, Sarah Corbin, Spencer Stevens, Stuart Stevens, Ren Smith, Daniel Rowe, Melissa Hoffman, Nick Hoffman, Esa Scott, Robert Miller, Jeff Thomas
Director(s): Jeff Thomas

Trailer: 13 Seconds (2003)

A group of musicians are trying to film a music video but when the crew starts to turn up dead, the group begins to quesion each others whereabouts.

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A sprawling turn of the century academy, a billboard charts band fueled by deceit, and an art gallery that comes to life with graphic paintings revealing each character dying a horrible death that begins to hint at the real terror lurking behind every one of us. "13 Seconds" boldly mixes chills with rapid action pacing which challenges the viewer to solve its mystery. It is a thriller that destroys one cliche after another while speeding towards a shocking, surprise ending that comes complete with crawlspace chases, seances, a malevolent art gallery, and an unstoppable evil older than time itself.