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Wilderness 2006 - Trailer

Wilderness 2006  Trailer
Year: 2006
Genres: Horror
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M24S
Cast: Toby Kebbell, Sean Pertwee, Alex Reid, Stephen Wight, Nathan Hughes, Anthony McKenna, Colin Nicolson, Lenora Crichlow, Luke Neal, Adam Deacon, John Rea, Ben McKay, Karly Greene, Richie Campbell, Stephen Don, John Travers, George Shane, Gordon Fulton, Ryan Hendrick
Director(s): Michael J. Bassett, M.J. Bassett

Trailer: Wilderness (2006)

Juvenile delinquents gets sent to a small British island after a fellow prisoners death, where they have to fight for survival.

Trailer for new gritty and grimy brit-flick Wilderness. When a group of young offenders are sent on a team buliding exercise to a remote Scottish island, they find themselvelves hunted down with killer dogs. Remorseless horror. via mopics06


In a juvenile detention center, the inmate Dave commits suicide after being abused with his friend Lindsay by the sociopath bullies Steve and Lewis under the indifference of the other cell-mates. The governor sends them to an uninhabited island to improve their relationships and characters under the command of the tough monitor Jed. They meet another camping with female delinquents under the command of veteran soldier Louise and they camp in another area. However, when they are attacked by a pack of dogs and a mysterious man with a cross-bow wearing camouflage, they join forces fighting to survive under the leadership of Callum.