Source Code (2011) Trailer

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Source Code 2011 - Trailer

Source Code 2011  Trailer
Year: 2011
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M23S
Cast: Rana Morrison, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jeff Moffitt, Joe Cobden, Vera Farmiga, Brent Skagford, Pierre Leblanc, Cas Anvar, Gordon Masten, Joti Nagra, Albert Kwan, James A. Woods, Matt Holland, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright, Kyle Gatehouse, Anne Day-Jones, Darlene Benigno, Jasson Finney, Kyle Allatt, Scott Bakula, Craig Thomas, Laura Atwood, Samuel Meadows, Chris Ramirez, Clarice Byrne, Christopher E. Ramirez, Tom Tammi, Frédérick De Grandpré, Frédérick De Grandpré
Director(s): Duncan Jones

Trailer: Source Code (2011)

A soldier wakes up in someone else"s body and discovers he"s part of an experimental government program to find the bomber of a commuter train. A mission he has only 8 minutes to complete.

Genre: action / sci-fi / drama
Regie / directed by: Duncan Jones ( Moon )
Darsteller / cast: Jake Gyllenhaal , Michelle Monaghan , Vera Farmiga , Jeffrey Wright

Kinostart Deutschland: 2011
Kinostart USA: 2011
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Army Captain Colter Stevens finds himself working on a special program where his consciousness can be inserted into another human being. The only catch is can only be there for 8 minutes at any given time. That morning, a bomb exploded on a commuter train just outside Chicago. He occupies the body of teacher going to work on that train and is confused as to what he is doing or why he is there as his last memory is of flying his helicopter on a combat mission in Afghanistan. Those in charge of the program explain to him that there is a bomb on the train, and that he must locate it. More importantly, he must identify the bomber as another bombing is expected later that day. He is also told however that he cannot change the past and can only gather information. As he develops a liking for his traveling companion Christina, he sets out to test that theory.