The Running Man (1987) Trailer

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The Running Man 1987 - Trailer

The Running Man 1987  Trailer
Year: 1987
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M29S
Cast: Lin Shaye, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thomas Rosales Jr., Sven-Ole Thorsen, George P. Wilbur, Maria Conchita Alonso, Joel Kramer, Kurt Fuller, Rodger Bumpass, Greg Lewis, Yaphet Kotto, Wayne Grace, Jim Brown, Billy D. Lucas, Franco Columbu, Jesse Ventura, Dona Hardy, Boyd Kestner, Lynne Marie Stewart, Mel Scott-Thomas, Ken Lerner, Bryan Kestner, Dey Young, Donna Hardy, Megan Gallivan, Suzie Hardy, Sheree Ali, Bill Margolin, Debby Harris, Tony Brubaker
Director(s): Paul Michael Glaser

Trailer: The Running Man (1987)

A wrongly convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a game show.

The year is (2017). The world economy has collapsed. The United States has sealed off it's borders and has become a military controlled police state which controls TV, movies, art, books, communication and censorship. In the police state America has become, criminals have a choice. They can serve their sentences in prison or they can take part in "The Running Man" a government owned violent game-show where contestants running for freedom are pursued by "Stalkers" wrestler-like bounty hunters. "The Running Man" is the top rating show on network TV and Damon Killian, the creator and host is the most popular entertainer in the US. But one man has yet to play... Former L.A. police officer Ben Richards, framed for the massacre of innocent people, when disobeyed orders is recaptured, after escaping from prison. Ben is forced to appear on "The Running Man", joined by resistance fighters William Laughlin and Harold Weiss and Amber Mendez, (a network employee who Richards took hostage and she turned Richards into the authorities) are chased by The Stalkers, as they search for the secret base of the resistance, as they bid to broadcast the truth about the government and prove Ben's innocence. via Frank Schenk


In the year 2017, the world economy has collapsed. The great freedoms of the United States are no longer, as the once great nation has sealed off its borders and become a militarized police state, censoring all film, art, literature, and communications. Even so, a small resistance force led by two revolutionaries manages to fight the oppression. With full control over the media, the government attempts to quell the nation's yearning for freedom by broadcasting a number of game shows on which convicted criminals fight for their lives. The most popular and sad**tic of these programs is "The Running Man," hosted by Damon Killian. When a peaceful protest of starving citizens gathers in Bakersfield, California, a police officer named Ben Richards is ordered to fire on the crowd, which he refuses to do. Subdued by the other officers, the attack is carried out, and Richards is framed for the murder of almost a hundred unarmed civilians. Following a daring jail break months later, Richards is captured once again and forced to appear on "The Running Man" with three other convicts. With their help, he fights his way through a cadre of sad**tic gladiators hunting them down through the ruins of a Los Angeles earthquake, but not promising Killian that he'll return to settle the score when the show's host double-crosses him. In the meantime, the contestants must search through the ruins for the resistance in the hopes of finally broadcasting the truth about the government.