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Fire in the Sky 1993 - Trailer

Fire in the Sky 1993  Trailer
Year: 1993
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Fantasy, Biography
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M14S
Cast: Robert Patrick, Craig Sheffer, Wayne Grace, Henry Thomas, Kathleen Wilhoite, Peter Berg, Bradley Gregg, Kenneth White, Scott MacDonald, Noble Willingham, Lynn Marie Sager, Georgia Emelin, Jane Ferguson, Robert Covarrubias, Nancy Neifert, Bruce Wright, Charley Lang, Robert Biheller, Mari Padron, Tom McGranahan Sr., John Breedlove, Gordon Scott, Frank Chavez, Mical Shannon Lewis, Ronald Lee Marriott, Peter Mark Vasquez, Courtney Esler, Shinichi Mine, Louis A. Lotorto, Holly Hoffman
Director(s): Robert Lieberman

Trailer: Fire in the Sky (1993)

An Arizona logger mysteriously disappears for five days in an alleged encounter with a flying saucer in 1975.

Fire In The Sky Trailer 1993
Director: Robert Lieberman
Starring: Craig Sheffer, D.B. Sweeney, James Garner, Peter Berg, Robert Patrick,

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Supposedly true account of an Arizona man who was held captive in an alien spaceship for several days.

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This film recreates the strange events which happened on November 5, 1975 in the town Snowflake, Arizona. Travis Walton works as a logger in the White Mountains. When he and his colleagues drive home after work, they encounter a flying saucer. Travis gets out of the truck to learn more and is struck by a beam of light from the object. For the next five days, Travis disappears without a trace and his colleagues are accused of murder. When he reappears, first he didn't remember that he was gone, but in time, the terrible memories come back...