The Passing (2015) Trailer

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The Passing (2015) - Trailer

The Passing (2015) - Trailer
Year: 2015
Genres: Drama
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M13S
Cast: Mark Lewis Jones, Annes Elwy, Dyfan Dwyfor
Director(s): Gareth Bryn

Trailer: The Passing (2015)

When two young lovers crash their car into a ravine in the remote mountains of Wales, they are plunged into a lost world...

Global Digital Releasing presents: THE PASSING
Release Date: 6/13/2017

Available on: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Seed & Spark, Google Play, Sony PSN, X-Box Live, Vudu, Vimeo on Demand, Steam, Roku, Crackle, Hoopla and Tubi TV

Directed by: Gareth Bryn

Starring: Dyfan Dwyfor, Annes Elwy, Mark Lewis Jones

Synopsis: Two young lovers crash their car into a ravine in the remote mountains of Wales. Dragged from the river by a mysterious figure they will later come to know as Stanley (Mark Lewis Jones), they are taken to a ramshackle farm, a place untouched by time. As events unfold, we learn the explosive truth about the young couple's past. More unsettling still, we discover the ghostly truth about Stanley and the tragedy of the valley he once called home.

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