Law of Perdition Season 1 Trailer

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Law of Perdition Season 1 - Trailer

Law of Perdition Season 1  Trailer
Year: 2017
Genres: Thriller, Drama, Crime
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M32S
Cast: John Martineau, Dolores Hillgrube, Joe Polito, B.O. Rand, Regina Hennessey, Carmela Hayslett, Marti Keegan, Chris Haber, Kathleen Grillo, Aaralyn Anderson, Liliana Daly, Chuck Maher, David Warren, Michael Brach, William Perkis, Tom Donnelly, Hannah Amacker, Will Sachs, Katia Crivellari, Tara Deveney, David B. Stewart III, Matthew Sherer, Missy Levy, David Gechman, Janine Smalley, Danny Plaza, Kerwin Gonzalez, Brad Trechak, James F. Murray Jr., Candace Brianna
Director(s): Christian Grillo, Carmela Hayslett

This trailer for Law of Perdition Season 1 immediately starts creepy and moody. I was not expecting this trailer to be half as good. The first half of this trailer really got me excited while the second half did not continue that feeling for me.
SYNOPSIS: Law of Perdition sets the creepy factor sky high as it follows a detective whose cold cases are returning from the dead as ghosts to help him solve their horrific murders.

Starring: Andrew Hunsicker, Michael Everett Johnson, Evangeline Young, Carmela Hayslett, Chuck Maher, Daniel Plaza, Marti Keegan, B.O. Rand, Daquan Wright and Lilly Cassimore. Written and Directed by Christian Jude Grillo and Produced by Christian Jude Grillo, Carmela Hayslett, John Martineau and David Gechman via SGL Entertainment

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