Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016) Trailer

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Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter 2016 - Trailer

Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter 2016  Trailer
Year: 2017
Genres: Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 0M52S
Cast: William Kircher, Daz Crawford, Hunter Jacques, Michael Scott Martin, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Marc Hawes, Tracey Birdsall, Stephen Manley, Tim McGrath, Ashley Park, Livvy Stubenrauch, Aaron Jacques, Erin Bethea, Nicky Birdsall, Tony Gibbons, Moose Jacques, Charles Beck
Director(s): Neil Johnson

Trailer: Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2016)

ROGUE WARRIOR: ROBOT FIGHTER is a Science Fiction film set in the distant future depicting the overthrow of humanity by artificial intelligence on Earth and other worlds. via Neil Johnson


A few decades from now - Sienna, a rebellious robot-fighting arms dealer, lives on a post-apocalyptic Earth. When the cities start to fall under the control of the A.I. Scourge, a hyper-weaponized robot army, Sienna decides to leave the Earth and journey to the centre of the galaxy, seeking a mythical weapon that can neutralize any form of A.I.Pursued by giant machines, Sienna loses everything she cares about in an effort to save the last vestiges of humanity in an A.I. controlled galaxy.

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