Queen of Outer Space (1958) Trailer

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Queen of Outer Space (1958) - Trailer

Queen of Outer Space (1958) - Trailer
Year: 1958
Genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure
Type: Trailers
Duration: 2M15S
Cast: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Norma Young, Eric Fleming, Marjorie Durant, Dave Willock, Gerry Gaylor, Laurie Mitchell, John Bleifer, Lisa Davis, Brandy Bryan, Paul Birch, Ralph Gamble, Patrick Waltz, Joi Lansing, Barbara Darrow, Ruth Lewis, Marilyn Buferd, June McCall, Mary Ford, Guy Prescott, Marya Stevens, Laura Mason, Lynn Cartwright, Kathy Marlowe, Coleen Drake, Tania Velia
Director(s): Edward Bernds

Trailer: Queen of Outer Space (1958)

American astronauts are drawn by a mysterious force to the planet Venus, which they find to be inhabited only by beautiful women and their despotic queen.

Breaking news from space! The bad: an intrepid captain and his men have landed on a planet where males are outlawed. The good: some women there are eager to break the law! Queen of Outer Space is a milestone of movie camp. Eric Fleming plays the granite-jawed leader who shares with his crew the crime of maleness. That's just the start of their troubles. The man-hating Venusian Queen (Laurie Mitchell) aims to destroy Earth once a Beta Disintegrator is operational. But a gossamer-gowned scientist (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and her curvy cohorts eye the men, and they like what they see. This Bijou bauble has sets, costumes and effects from Flight to Mars, Forbidden Planet and World Without End. Have fun spotting them! Botchino! via warnerarchive


En route to Earth's orbiting space station, a spaceship with four men aboard is attacked and they awaken after their spaceship crash lands. One of them, Professor Konrad, determines they have landed on Venus, a planet scientists had believed to be uninhabitable. They are taken prisoner by the inhabitants, all beautiful women, who imprisoned the men and took control of the planet. Their masked Queen, Yllana, has plans to destroy the Earth with their beta disintegrator but there is dissent among them led by the beautiful Talleah.