Dragon Fighter (2003) Trailer

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Dragon Fighter 2003 - Trailer

Dragon Fighter 2003  Trailer
Year: 2003
Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M32S
Cast: Marcus Aurelius, Hristo Shopov, Matt Harris, Hristo Dimitrov, Dean Cain, Kristine Byers, Robert Zachar, Robert DiTillio, Vesela Dimitrova, Chuck Eckert, Kelly Wilborn, Hector Kleist, John Barnsall, Chad Boyer, Matthew Coe, Darius Kerns, Harold McBain
Director(s): Phillip J. Roth

Trailer: Dragon Fighter (2003)

Workers in an underground lab fight for their lives against a cloned dragon they created.


In a deadly, underground military experiment, a 1,000 year-old fire-breathing dragon discovered in England is cloned. Within three hours, it is full-grown and escapes, leaving a trail of death and destruction wherever it goes. It is up to security chief David Carver to reel in this fearsome predator before it has a chance to wreak further havoc on humankind. via flashbackent


A group of scientists, working in a deep underground lab, clones and hatches a 1,000-year-old dragon, after finding its remains in a cavern in southern England. After the critter goes from one cell to full grown in 3 hours, it goes on a rampage, killing most of the scientists and escaping to the surface. Naturally, bullets don't faze it at all. Our Intrepid Hero helps kill if before it can menace all mankind. Sort of "Alien" meets "Reign of Fire".