The Vault of Horror (1973) Trailer

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The Vault of Horror 1973 - Trailer

The Vault of Horror 1973  Trailer
Year: 1973
Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Type: Trailers
Duration: 1M23S
Cast: Ishaq Bux, Roy Evans, John Forbes-Robertson, Jack Armstrong, Denholm Elliott, Tom Baker, Daniel Johns, Maurice Kaufmann, Genine Graham, Marianne Stone, Geraldine Hart, Curd Jürgens, Anthony Lang, Tommy Godfrey, Edward Judd, Jerold Wells, Curd Jürgens, Glynis Johns, Dawn Addams, Anna Massey, Terry-Thomas, Elsa Smith, George A. Cooper, Daniel Massey, Robin Nedwell, Michael Craig, Geoffrey Davies, Sylvia Marriott, Tony Hazel, Frank Forsyth
Director(s): Roy Ward Baker

Trailer: The Vault of Horror (1973)

An anthology of five horror stories shared by five men trapped in the basement of an office building.

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Five strangers board a descending lift, one by one, in a modern office block in London. They reach the sub-basement, though none of them have pressed for that destination. There they find a large, elaborately furnished room that appears to be a gentlemen's club. The lift door has closed; there are no buttons to bring it back, nor any other exit. Resigned to waiting for help, they settle down with drinks and talk. The conversation turns to dreams, and each man tells of a recurring nightmare. Segment 1: Midnight Mess: Harold Rodgers (Daniel Massey) tracks his sister Donna (Anna Massey) to a strange village, and kills her to claim her share of the family inheritance. After settling down to a post-murder meal at the local restaurant, he discovers the town is home to a nest of vampires: Donna is not as dead as he thinks, and he becomes the dish of the night when his jugular vein is tapped out as a beverage dispenser. Segment 2 The Neat Job: The obsessively neat Arthur Critchit (Terry-Thomas) marries Eleanor (Glynis Johns), a "young" trophy wife who is not quite the domestic goddess he hoped for. His constant nagging about the mess she makes eventually drives her mad. Upon his shouting at her, "Can't you do anything neatly?", she kills him with a hammer and cuts up the corpse, putting all the different organs into neatly labeled jars. Segment 3: This Trick'll Kill You: Sebastian (Curd Jürgens) is a magician on a working holiday in India, where he and his wife Inez (Dawn Addams) are searching for new tricks. Nothing impresses until he sees a girl (Jasmina Hilton) charming a rope out of a basket with a flute. Unable to work out how the trick is done, he persuades her to come to his hotel room, where he and his wife murder her and steal the enchanted rope. Sebastian plays the flute, and the rope rises; realizing that they have discovered a piece of genuine magic, the couple begin plans to work it into their act. Inez experiments with climbing the rope, only to disappear with a scream. An ominous patch of blood appears on the ceiling, and the rope coils round Sebastian's neck and hangs him. Their victim reappears alive in the bazaar. Segment 4: Bargain in Death: Maitland (Michael Craig) is buried alive as part of an insurance scam concocted with his friend Alex (Edward Judd). Alex double-crosses Maitland, leaving him to suffocate. Two trainee doctors, Tom (Robin Nedwell) and Jerry (Geoffrey Davies), bribe a gravedigger (Arthur Mullard) to dig up a corpse to help with their studies. When Maitland's coffin is opened, he jumps up gasping for air, scaring Tom and Jerry who run out into the middle of the road in front of Alex's car, which crashes into a tree and explodes. The gravedigger kills Maitland, and when trying to close the sale of the corpse apologizes to Tom and Jerry for the damage to the head. Segment 5: Drawn and Quartered: Moore (Tom Baker) is an impoverished painter living in Haiti. When he learns that his paintings have been sold for high prices by art dealers Diltant (Denholm Elliott) and Gaskill (John Witty) after being praised by critic Fenton Breedley (Terence Alexander), all of whom told him that they were worthless, he goes to a voodoo priest and his painting hand is given voodoo power; whatever he paints or draws can be harmed by damaging its image. Rather awkwardly these events coincide with his completing a self-portrait, which he keeps under lock and key to prevent the magic from turning on him. Returning to London, Moore paints portraits of the three men who cheated him, and mutilates the paintings to exact his revenge. He is also obliged to put his own portrait out in the open, because leaving it in an airless strongbox nearly suffocated him. A workman subsequently drops a can of paint thinner on the picture through a skylight, and Moore, as a result of the voodoo, suffers a correspondingly messy death. When the story of the final dream is told, the five ponder the meaning of their nightmares. The lift door opens, and they find themselves looking out onto a graveyard. They walk out, becoming decomposing corp